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Of course this website would be remiss if we did not tell you about at least some specific cultural treats of the Sorbs. If you have a video or know of one you would like others to view here, please contact us to submit nominations or talk about them and why you think they should be featured on the message board. Enjoy!

Sorbian Legends

What culture is without legends, myths and stories told? Thanks to the Lower Sorbian High School in Cottbus, now in English we can listen to part of these legends of our Wendish/Sorbian heritage. Please enjoy!

Sorbian Singing

Throughout the ages, history has been taught through songs, legends have been preserved through such a medium and of course what culture would not have their own group songs? Please enjoy the following audio and video:

Droga wjeź domoj mě "Country Roads" rearranged into Lower Sorbian by Andreas Franz

Daj mi jadno jajko

Language: Lower Sorbian

Location: Unknown


Sorbian Dancing

Cultural dancing is a tremendous bonus to learning about ones heritage. Thanks to YouTube we can see examples of this an many more. Please enjoy the video featured here.